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Valenti Guitars is based in Italy and run by experienced luthier Luigi Valenti. 

Valenti Guitars aims to create instruments that are pieces of art by themselves. Where nothing but aesthetic perfection is allowed, Valenti Guitars are constructed to be an extension of the musician’s imagination and skills, thanks to uncompromising sound and playability.

Personally selected tonewoods with more than 10 years drying process, top quality hardware and handwound pickups made specifically for each instrument, are the ingredients that you’ll find on every Valenti guitar and bass guitar.

The customer is then involved in every step of the designing process, allowing maximum freedom of choice between standard and custom options for each model, in order to create a bespoke instrument every time.






The Valenti Pickups are
handwound using
top quality materials



All the tonewoods in stock are personally selected and have at least 10 years of drying process.


  • Proud owner of Callisto, fifth creature of this brand Luigi works with passion and knowledge and he applies them on each step of the process, fullfilling the client's needs in every aspect. If you search a young and expert person who follows you in the construction and can give you advices on material and components, luigi is the perfect figure to do that. Totally satisfied of my axe
    Stefano Clementini - Italy
  • Luigi's work is on point. He is one man himself taking your request and meticulously ensuring perfection of it. Having his name on the headstock of my new bass is something I am very proud of and was well worth the wait. Cheers to you sir, and keep up the good work!
    Kristopher F. - Japan
  • Valenti is without a doubt one of the best luthiers with whom I got in touch with! Luigi ''winks'' to the future, without forgetting past and present. HIs instruments have personality, which becomes pure inspiration and creativity.

    Giacomo Castellano
  • 牛逼。(Fuck**g Awesome)!

    Zhaori B. - China
  • Luigi is extremely talented when it comes to building guitars/pickups... I miss seeing him on the Crimson Guitars channel...

    Jon O.
  • Stunning, professional and innovative. The interaction with Luigi is everything a musician, professional or not, needs. The bass he built is a masterpiece under every point of view: quality, sound and playability.

    Francesco S. - Italy
  • Valenti guitars was the number one choice when I thought I should get a custom bass. If the guitars look great at first sight, you should see how they sound!! Luigi is a professionally meticulous guy who will meet all of your guitar/bass requirements. Deserves all the best he may get!!

    Stefano F. - Italy
  • The union between creativity and passion for music make Luigi an assurance in the field of instruments manufacturing and ValentiGuitar a winning choice. Works perfectly done, complex operations, restoration operations and, above all, products of his mind are protagonists in Luigi's lab. Definitely the choice I would always do.

    Daniele C. - Italy
  • 5.6/6 and 5.3/6 on AXE MAGAZINE REVIEW FOR A NEBULA 6 AND A CALLISTO 6:   

  • An idea for a custom instrument once popped into my mind, and the first person who I thought was right for the job was Luigi Valenti. We sat down at a table and carefully planned everything about the instrument, even the smallest detail: from the shape to the woods, from the mechanics’ colour to the inlay. The thing about Valenti Guitars’ custom shop is that you really are part of the build, since Luigi updates you during the whole process, from the tonewoods’ selection up until the last step: the colouring. He helps you to take that idea you had and makes it real and concrete. Even if you are not too familiar with tonewoods or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask, you’ll be guided as the build goes on. Furthermore, nothing can match the emotion you will feel once that one idea you had during that lazy sunday afternoon will come to life and be in your hands, playing and screaming like a banshee, both thanks to the very careful tonewoods selection and the marvellous handwired Valenti Pickups, made specifically for each instrument he makes. So, do you want your idea to come to life? Hit Valenti Guitars up and you want regret it. Make your dream instrument come true.

    Alessio S. - Italy
  • For a while I've been wanting to get into custom shop guitars, but I had no idea where to start. In September 2018 I ran into Luigi Valenti at the UK Guitar show and we started talking ideas. He walked me through the entire process, gave great advice when he though something might work better, and kept me up to date throughout the build.

    It's one thing to have an idea of what you want in a instrument, it's another to have those expectations massively beaten. Everything about my guitar is perfect, the build quality is solid, it has a genuine handbuilt feel to it, I just can't compare it to an off the wall guitar from a local shop. Every time I pick it up, I get a dumb grin on my face, from the incredibly low action and smooth neck, to the extremely resonant wood and handwound pickups. It just feels like it was made with art in mind. From heavy metal, to jazz, this guitar can handle anything you throw at it. All in all, I've never been more proud to be a part of a family. I'll be a Valenti artist for very long time. ;D 10/10 would recommend, give him a look, he deserves all the credit he gets.
    James H. - UK
  • After years spent searching for the perfect instrument I decided it was time to have something designed for my needs without compromise. After trying the quality and attention to detail of the instruments of Luigi Valenti I had no doubts: following my inputs as a guitar player he designed a custom 7 strings guitar capable of having the necessary brutality to handle extreme music, without losing sound quality and definition. The result is exceptional, aesthetically beautiful, I highly recommend everyone to try one of his instruments.

    Paolo Pieri - Hour Of Penance
  • I have had the pleasure to work close with Luigi Valenti. He is a fantastic luthier who has build me two stunning guitars. The craftsmanship is spot on, the tone and playability is incredibly good and the finish is excellent. I have had the opportunity to be endorsed by many brands but Valenti’s guitars are something special indeed. He has a great ear and listens carefully what you say and wish for, to make a truly perfect and very personal instrument for you. Together we have created the Thomas Silver Callisto Dark Gold. I am very sure to say that this is just the beginning of a long friendship and many, many more guitars. Top notch in every sense.

    Thomas Silver - Thomas Silver Band and Hardcore Superstar
  • I've known Luigi for a long time now, first as musician then as a luthier. I admit that I approached his work with a little bit of skepticism (as I do with everything related to musical gear, no matter which brand is) but then I had the pleasure to try one of his instruments and immediately decided to configure one on my specs. The project was flawless, Luigi seems to understand all my musical needs just from few words, showing all of his knowledge in this matter; my trust has paid off! From the moment I plugged the instrument I've got the sound that I've been searching for years without even twiking the amp or the electronics! I have now an instrument with his own voice modeled after mine and I'm definitely getting another creation of his soon. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

    Dario L. - Italy
  • Just seen some examples at the Birmingham guitar show, some of the finest guitars I've ever seen. can't wait to collect mine in July thanks again Luigi

    Mark K. - UK
  • 10/10 !!! Luigi will advise you from the first moment, giving his sincere opinion, trying to make the instrument he is going to create as close as possible to the preconceived idea you might have. No doubt the result will be pleasing to you, but thanks to the attention to detail, the instrument will amaze you!

    Eric V. - Spain