The Collection Series has started in 2020 and represents the pinnacle of Valenti Guitars craftsmanship.

These instruments are made under Luigi Valenti's own specs and are limited to a maximum of 5 each year.Due to the rarity of the woods sometimes used and to the amount of time and effort needed for each one if these builds, these instruments are pure one-offs, and can't be replicated.If you are intrested in owning an instrument from the Collection, get in touch and check which are the next projects, or see down below if there is something still available.

#50 "The Creation"

A significative number which I wanted to be special.
This instrument is made with woods collected through the years and put aside for this specific project

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The Rose

Made to represent the purple Mystical Rose, this instrument has elegance and charm, with a warm and deep tone with its P90 pickup.

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