Valenti Pickups are hand wound using top quality materials,

supported by years of research and testing, in order to reach the tonal properties and consistency required.

These Pickups are well known among their owners because of their uncompromised clarity and definition.
Each model has a coil split option and is available for 6,7 and 8 strings.

Pickups for fanned instruments

Staggered pickups for fanned instruments  are also available.

As everything at Valenti Guitars, also the pickups can be modified and customized in order to fulfill the customer’s needs; you will be followed step by step during this process in order to create the perfect matching pickups for your instrument whether it’s a guitar or a bass guitar.

Drop us an email if you need more info or if you’d like to have a set made to your specifications.

pickup_1 valenti guitars


DC Resitance:

  • 9.5 (Bridge)
  • 8,2 (Neck)


  • AlNiCo V

A balanced and versatile pickup, full of dynamics, with warm cleans and well defined distorted sounds; it’s suitable for all the genres, from Blues/Jazz to Hard Rock.

pickup_2 valenti guitars


DC Resitance:

  • 12,6 (Bridge)
  • 10,5 (Neck)


  • AlNiCo VIII

A tighter and more growly version of the Hati, still really versatile and with a tendency to scream quite loud; recommended for Funk, Modern Rock, Progressive, Metal and similar.

pickup_3 valenti guitars


DC Resitance:

  • 15,3 (Bridge)
  • 13,4 (Neck)


  • Ceramic VIII 
  • Ceramic VIII (Oversized)

Aggressive sound, without compromise. The Ceramic VIII magnet ensures great attack and definition even with the highest levels of distortion;  maintaining a fat sound.

The oversized Ceramic magnet option delivers a screaming sound with a tendency to the mid-high frequencies.

The best option for Death, Thrash, Djent, etc… Metal!